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David P.
Delivery Driver & Co-founder of Para
“We deserve to make an informed decision about each trip.
It’s not fair that DoorDash hides the tip - at times it may even feel like they are purposely trying to manipulate you into accepting orders that aren’t in your best interest.
Transparency fundamentally changes which orders you accept, and how you run your delivery business.”
What is Para ?
Para is a mobile application that enables you to see more data about your orders so that you can pick the best orders for you.

Our mission is to improve the experience of Gig Workers, we show you the tip amounts and mileage that delivery platforms are hiding. We are also working on bringing new features to help manage your work. Para is completely free, we do not keep or sell any of your data. We're a venture-backed startup.
Where do I find the app and what is it called?
The app is called Para - Drivers Earn More in the Apple App Store and Para Drivers in Google Play Store.

You can also access the app store listings by clicking here.

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Does Para work with other platforms besides DoorDash and Grubhub?
Currently, our features only are available for DoorDash and GrubHub.

We hear you loud and clear though and are working to add other platforms!
What is the difference between the DoorDash and GrubHub features?
DoorDash does not display full payout information before you accept a trip. Our tip prediction feature is able to provide you with an estimate of what that tip will be, and the subtotal so you can make informed decisions on whether to take a trip.

Separately, GrubHub does not show everyone how many miles you will have to drive to complete the order ahead of time. We show you the mileage (from where you are to where the drop off is), $/mile, tip amount, and other trip information in one place.

We believe that it is the right of any independent contractor to have full transparency of their pay prior to accepting the work that they do. We will continue to stand by that and fight for it. These features are one tool that we hope will help get you to full transparency.
I can't find the big green "Full Payout" button!
With the addition of Grubhub Mileage Transparency to our platform, we wanted to give you the option to turn on transparency for one or both platforms! The toggles, when green, means that the full payout mode is on for that platform.
Do I have to have the Para app open to use the features?
You need to have opened the Para app and the toggle for each platform should be green.

You can go to another app once the toggle is green and keep it on in the background.

It’s better to run it in the background. If you have it open, you may not receive notifications.
Will I get deactivated ?
We have not had any Para users deactivated for any platform using Para. We’re upfront that using our features may be a violation of gig app terms of service, but we've built this in a way that is difficult to detect.

More importantly, we believe that this is the right thing to do - independent contractors have the right to make informed decisions.
Will Para steal my information? (Social security number, tax payer ID number, etc) ?
No. We don't access or store any of this info. We aren't able to access certain sensitive information including bank info.

We use the minimum amount of your information in order to provide you this service, and nothing more.
Is Para down ?
If Para is experiencing an outage, we will send an in-app notification. We do our best to keep the service running and reliable.

If you notice any issues, please email us at
Can we do anything to get Para working when it stops ?
It helps us when you notify us about the problem and provide some helpful details around it. When you face a problem, please email us at
How do I delete my Para account ?
We are sad to see you go, but here's how to delete your account:

1. Go to the "Account" tab (on the bottom right)

2. Go to "Login and Security" under the "Account" tab

3. Select "Delete Account" and confirm to delete
Signing Up & Logging In
How do I sign up?
1. Download the Para app here:

2. After completing sign up, head to the "Drive" Page

3. Enter your credentials for the platforms you wish to connect to
I'm having trouble logging into the Para app.
If you are unable to log in with your phone number, please attempt to log in using your email.

If you continue to have issues, please email us at
I got a new phone and phone number, how can I log in?
If you are unable to log in with your phone number, please attempt to log in using your email.

If you continue to have issues, please email us at
Earnings Tracker
My earnings tracking is not working
Our team is currently working on improving our earnings and mileage tracking feature, which may take some time.

We will update our users once this feature of the app is turned back on!
Pay Transparency [DD]
Notifications are disappearing too quickly.
You can set the notification to be persistent (stay unless you swipe it away) in your phone’s notification settings (iPhones).

Certain Android phones have notification settings.
I’m not receiving notifications.
  • Make sure you followed the steps in
    How do I sign up ?"
  • Make sure you have the Para app open and in the background when you are dashing
  • Check your Para notification settings. Common things include do not disturb mode, low battery mode, and general notification settings
  • Log out of the Para app and log back in
  • If you still have issues after trying all of the above, please text us at (833) 356-1068 or email us at
Do I have to have the Para app open when I am dashing ?
The Para app needs to be open, but should be backgrounded
It’s better to run it in the background currently. If you have it open, you may not receive notifications
What do the different color tips mean ?
Grey: $0-4.99 tip
Yellow: $5.00-9.99 tip
Green: $10.00+ tip
Does the "total" include the tip ?
The "total" includes the tip.
What is "subtotal" value for Pay Transparency ?
The subtotal shows the total cost of the goods that you are transporting on a DoorDash trip.

By showing this, you can now have a better idea of the order size before accepting the trip.
Mileage Transparency [GH]
Why can't I log in ?
Please try signing into your Grubhub drivers app to ensure the credentials are correct.

If the issue persists, please email us at so we can help investigate further. Thanks!
How do I get access to the Grubhub Mileage Transparency feature?
Grubhub Mileage Transparency is available through Para's latest version of the app. Visit your app store to update your app!
What is the "miles" value?
"The "miles" value shows the total distance you will have to drive to the restaurant and then to the drop-off location.
(current location -> restaurant -> drop-off location)
What is the "$ / mile" value?
The "$/miles" value is how much you'll make per mile. This is calculated by using the total distance you will have to drive to the restaurant and then to the drop-off location.
What is the "ready by" value?
This "ready by" value is the time your order should be ready for pickup from the restaurant.
How do I remove my Grubhub account ?
To remove your account, click on "View Details" under Grubhub on the Drive tab. Then click on "Deactivate", which is in red at the bottom of the screen.

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